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  • Case Blog: State v. Craig

    You should always be careful when in possession of a firearm.  But if you have a conviction on your record, especially a felony charge, you should ensure that your firearm rights have been reinstated (this must be done by additional court order, not simply completion of probation). A10-1938        State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs.

  • Appealing a Plea & Double Jeopardy

    Appeals are a difficult process, and when combined with a plea withdrawal they can have nightmarish results.  It seems that Mr. Montermini has experienced that trouble first hand.

  • State of Minnesota vs. William Grigsby

    A10-1686        State of Minnesota vs. William Grigsby The district court obtained jurisdiction under Minn. Stat.

  • Client Testimonial - 20110617

    We received another wonderful client testimonial today.  This client was facing difficult DUI charges.  We were happy to step in and help him.

  • Client Testimonial 12042011

    We are happy to pass along another client testimonial.  Our client was wrongfully accused of inappropriate sexual conduct.  Thankfully we were able to bring out the truth and get the accusations and determination dismissed.

  • Client Testimonial - 20110213

    Once again, we are happy to pass along another testimonial from our clients. After discovering our firm through an internet search, she took the time to sit down with us and learn about us, the legal system, the challenges she was facing, and what we can do about them.   In her own words, "I felt confident in our chances from the start and feel I got great representation throughout the process." The only praise we can receive greater than a client testimonial is when they choose t...

  • Another Win for Ascheman & Smith

    I'm happy to announce another win for Ascheman & Smith.  Last week we walked into court to address a city ordinance violation.  We are happy to say that the charges were dismissed and our client walked away happy.
  • Client Testimonial

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